Nexenta in the Data Center(SMB)

I started using Nexenta about two weeks ago and I have one word to describe the experience so far: “WOW!” Nexenta supports the following technologies: NFS, iSCSI, CIFS, Deduplication, Snapshots, Cloning, Replication, etc. Doesn’t that feature set look similar to the capabilities offered by Netapp and EMC?

Nexenta is only the software side of the solution, as you’ll need hardware to put it on, but that’s where it gets really exciting(at least for me)! You can use this blog post as inspiration to what can be created at a fraction of the cost of the “traditional” storage vendors. Don’t get me wrong, I think Netapp and EMC offer some amazing products, but I like the idea of creating a customized solution specific to the business needs. All at a low cost entry point.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re looking for a simple backup solution with dedupe that scales with the business. A basic array(hardware + licensing) would be about $3500. Compare that with a similar offering from Data Domain, which starts around $20,000. Now I’ve never used a Data Domain product, so I may be missing something(please let me know). My comparison is simply based on the product listing and what I’ve heard on various podcast and blogs.

This is just one example of something that can be accomplished with Nexenta and some commodity hardware. Of course one will need to know how to build the system and customize it to fit the business needs. I hope to discuss the product more in depth on future posts.

Please leave any comments you may have on this post, as I love hearing different points of view on storage technology.



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3 responses to “Nexenta in the Data Center(SMB)

  1. [thanks to the link to my geek-porn, grin! server with everything hanging out..]

    One thing you didn’t mention – Nexenta is built on ZFS and the Solaris kernel; you can most of the same stuff Nexenta does with OpenSolaris or NexentaCore for free, just with a lot more management involved.

    It’s also worth noting that NexentaStor Community will work for a lot of people (as long as you don’t need iSCSI or the other plugins), and is free up to 16tb of actual stored (post-dedupe and compression) data.. you still get the management gui with that. Another nice thing with ZFS is that switching from one OS/distro/whatever to another is pretty easy as long as you are going to a version that will support the pool version you are running.. just ‘Export’ the zpool (detaches it from the current OS instance), install whatever you want on your OS disk(s), and ‘Import’ the zpool again.

    Look forward to hearing more about what you’re playing with! šŸ˜‰

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