Organizing Expense Reports with Evernote

I’ve been using Evernote for the last two years to help me keep track of conversations, bills, home inventory(for insurance purposes) and anything else that I think I may need to refer to in the future. I also use it to organize my work expenses. No one wants to do expense reports, but if you keep track of your expenses as you travel, then it’ll be easier to submit them when you return. Before my trip, I create a “Tag” based on my return date. Any expenses incurred during the trip get tagged with the return date tag.

An example of how to use Evernote on a business trip would be if you’re taking clients out for dinner. If you need to document who attended, take a picture of your receipt using the mobile Evernote app. Add attendee information to the note. You could also take a picture of their business card in a separate note. The geolocation information of the note will show who attended dinner at that particular restaurant.

I don’t take pictures of every receipt with my phone(though you could). I usually scan the majority of my receipts into my computer using a Scansnap S300. This particular scanner integrates perfectly with Evernote, as the scan is imported directly into Evernote. You can use any scanner, but you’ll have to manually add each scan into Evernote or configure Evernote to monitor a folder(e.g. your default scan folder).

Let’s take a look at the Evernote Windows client and see how it’s used to organize the collected expenses.

You can create “Notebooks” to help organize your notes. This is good for keeping work notes separated from personal notes. As you collect more notes, having separate notebooks helps narrow your searches.

The arrow to the left of the Notebook denotes the Default notebook for Evernote to use when receiving notes(e.g. via email or scanning). You can change the default folder(Right-click the desired notebook->choose properties->check “Make this notebook default”).

When I go to expense my trip, I simply go to the expense tag I created for that trip. My expense site requires a PDF of all the receipts, so I select all of my notes and choose Print. I select my CutePDF printer to print them into a single PDF.

There’s plenty of customization with the program, so try it out and let me know how you use Evernote to keep track of your expenses.



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